About Me

My name is Robin Tuck and Elementary Education student at the University of Regina. I was born in Ontario, but moved to Saskatchewan as I am interested in Treaty Education, and believe that this is an important component in our Canada history, and should be talked about and taught in our school systems.

Before attending  the University  I went to George Brown College for Early Childhood Education (ECE). The experiences that I have had as an ECE have been valuable in my teaching journey. For my final practicum, I was able to go to Jamaica and work in a kindergarten classroom. Here I was able to learn how to be adaptable. Many of my lessons were required to be spontaneous activities included indigenous materials. I learned to use the environment I was in to enhance the learning of children.

          Upon my ECE graduation, I was asked to intern in India. My job in India was to work with a pre-k teacher in the small community of Utan (outside of Mumbai). My main role was to work with the community and teacher and create a curriculum for 75 rural pre-schools in Mumbai area to use. I was encouraged to focus on play-based curriculum, and encourage teachers to plan based on observations.

Finally before moving to Regina I worked in Suzhou China. My job in China was to be a toddler teacher at an international school. I had 12 toddlers in my classroom all from different countries, none of which spoke English. Working in China I was able to learn how to teach children how to speak English through play and experiences.

Working internationally has given me many experiences that have helped me in the pre-service learning. I am able to be adaptable when my lessons aren’t going as planned. I am able to use materials from my environment to enhance the learning experience of children, as well as I am able to use observations of children’s interactions to plan and implement lessons. However, all of my ECE experience I have been encouraged to not use technology. I have been required to let children experience learning with their hands and not with their eyes (technology).

Therefore, I am always actively trying to learn new Edtech information to make my lessons and learning experiences more meaningful for students. I do have a twitter account however; I am currently not comfortable using it. I am also learning how to use resources like Google docs for group projects, and I have had a few classes who have used Google communities. I know that there is still a lot for me to learn about edtech, and how to authentically imbed it into curriculum. Therefore, by taking ECMP355 that is what I am hoping to learn.

~ Robin